Convert Tweets into
Beautiful Images

Paste the link of any Tweet and hit "Generate"

Example Code

// Bruzu API key get yours at

// How to get this token:- 
$bearerToken = "";

// Tweet ID

// Create a stream
$opts = array(
    'header'=> "Authorization: Bearer ".$bearerToken."\r\n"

$context = stream_context_create($opts);
$json = file_get_contents(''.$id.'?expansions=author_id&user.fields=name,username,verified,profile_image_url', false, $context);
$tweet = json_decode($json,true);

$apiLink = "".urlencode($tweet['includes']['users'][0]['name'])."&c.ta=left&c.fs=35&c.lh=1&c.fw=400&c.ff=Poppins&c.fontStyle=normal&c.maxHeight=35&".str_replace("_normal","_200x200",$tweet['includes']['users'][0]['profile_image_url'])."&b.t=".urlencode($tweet['data']['text'])."&e.t=%40".$tweet['includes']['users'][0]['username'];

$png = file_get_contents($apiLink."&ak=".$apiKey);
$imgLink = 'data:image/png;base64,' . base64_encode($png);

// You can use this link into your HTML code 
// <img src="<?=$imgLink?>" >

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