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Frequently Asked Questions

Why someone need this? instead of Canva. What are the use cases?

With Canva or other design editor you can design and create graphics, But with Bruzu you can scale the generation process. Or customize them. Check demos for some use cases.

Where I can find the API documents?

API documentation can be found at

What is the faster way to design an image/template?

You can design using design editor at

How to get API key?

Login and you will see your API key at header.

How fast image gets rendered?

Images gets rendered on the fly, in few microseconds.

I am a developer, Do I need this API?

No, if you can build your own rendering system with all these features and able to make it run this fast. You don't need this API.

How to remove the watermark?

You don't get any watermark if you are using an API key with request and API quota remains.

How API call count works?

When you send a request and an image is generated, that is 1 API call.

Are there any rate limits?

We don't have queues or concurrency limits on paid plans. You can create as many images as you want, as fast as you need.