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Frequently Asked Questions

Why do I need this? What are the use cases?

Bruzu allows you to quickly and esilly generate images in browser. And with the Bruzu API, you can automate and scale the generation process. Check out our demos for examples of what's posisble.

Where I can find your API docs?

API documentation can be found at

What is the faster way to design an image/template?

You can design an image using our design composer at

How do I get hold of an API key?

Login and an aPI key will be generated for you and made available in your dashboard.

How quickly are images rendered?

Images are rendered extremely quickly in real time, typically within a few microseconds.

I am a developer. Do I need your API?

Bruzu gives you developer super powers. It speeds up your development process by providing a rendering system with a comprehensive set of features that you can start using today.

How can I remove the watermark?

Sign up! If you are using an API key and you have credits remaining, the watermark will be removed.

How does the API credit system works?

When you send a request and a new image is generated, a single credit is used. Repeat requests are cached and do not use credits.